The federal government has its own set of rules and procedures. At Nova, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique deliverables required for federal projects. For additional information, download our Capabilities Statement.

Whether faced with the challenge of finding new water resources, meeting new environmental decrees, finding ways to purify and reuse existing resources, or challenged with how to optimize an existing facility, Nova is experienced to successfully manage the project. Nova professionals serve the federal government with innovation and efficiency.

Our strong foundation of experience enables us to achieve expected results within project scope and financial expectations.

Nova provides engineering and planning services to federal, state, and municipal agencies on various projects ranging from transportation and infrastructure, water and waste management, and environmental.

Representative Projects

McMillan Facility North Clearwell Improvement
Washington, DC

Nova was selected as a prime contractor to perform multi-discipline A/E services under an IDIQ contract for USACE, Baltimore Washington Aqueduct Division.

Nova was selected to provide structural, mechanical, and civil rehabilitations and improvements to this facility. The project is to deliver a structurally improved reservoir, improved water quality, and a reliable operational facility. Scope of services include field investigations, project definition report, design of repairs for deficient structural elements (i.e., roof, floor, columns); design of sluice gate repairs; water quality modeling; support during the construction phase; and the preparation of an Operation & Maintenance Manual.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Fire Protection Improvements
Baltimore District

This project involved A/E services in connection with Fire Protection System Improvements at Washington Aqueduct buildings and facilities. Project included a comprehensive analysis of life safety improvements and the installation of modern fire project devices to the Washington Aqueduct facilities located at Dalecarlia Water Treatment Plant and Little Falls Buildings, McMillan Water Treatment Plant, and associated facilities (74 buildings in total).

US Army Corps of Engineers, Homestead Air Reserve Base, Runway Rehabilitation
Homestead, FL

This project entailed the resurfacing of the existing runway, taxiway, and over runs. Nova provided civil engineering support through 100% design drawings and specifications, as well as permit applications for the road and parking, associated drainage systems and site work. As part of the US Army Corps of Engineers team, Nova also provided construction management services as well as Quality Assurance/Quality Control services.


US Army Corps of Engineers, Picayune Strand Restoration Project
South Florida Water Management District

Nova provided engineering services in the development of the Basis of Design Report and final design for the levees, canals and roads (LCR) portion of the project. The design incorporated hydraulic and hydrologic flow measurement and modeling (including the use of the District’s DBHYDRO), canal conveyance capacity planning, public use facilities, environmental and wetlands restoration, permitting and fulfillment of NEPA requirements, and cost estimating.


US Army Corps of Engineers, Third High Reservoir Maintenance and Improvements
Baltimore District
Nova was selected as a prime contractor to perform multi-discipline A/E services under an IDIQ contract for USACE, Baltimore Washington Aqueduct Division. This task order project involves repairs and remediation to the Third High Reservoir, also known as Fort Reno. Constructed in 1950, the reservoir is a sub-surface concrete structure measuring 380 feet x 300 feet and 26 feet deep. Nova is performing field investigations to verify as-built drawings and existing conditions and developing a Project Definition Report, preliminary (60%) designs, Final (100%) designs, and back checkdesign (CADD drawings, specifications, engineering calculations, and construction cost estimates).


US Army Corps of Engineers / South Florida Water Management District, Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan, EAA A-1 FEB & G-370S Pump Station
South Florida Water Management District

With a capacity of 60,000 acre-feet, Everglades Agricultural Area A-1 Flow Equalization Basin (EAA A-1 FEB) project is the largest of three flow equalization basins in the restoration strategies plan to improve water quality in the Everglades. The A-1 FEB attenuates peak stormwater flows, temporarily storing water so it can be delivered at a steady rate to Stormwater Treatment Area -2 (STA-2) and Stormwater Treatment Area -3/4 (STA-3/4) from North New River Canal and the Miami Canal to improve their performance. The North New River Canal is the source for the G-370 pump station, which serves as one of the inflow sources to the A-1 FEB.  Nova was responsible for the design of G-370S pump station improvements that consisted of upgrading the three (3) existing pumps from 75cfs to 90cfs capacity, for a total increased capacity of 270cfs.


US Army Corps of Engineers, Washington Aqueduct Indefinite Delivery-Type Contract (W912DR-14-R-0004)
Baltimore District
The Washington Aqueduct, a Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District, operates two raw water facilities – the Great Lakes Intake and the Little Falls Pumping Station, which draw water in from the Potomac River and convey to the Dalecarlia Reservoir. The water is then treated at the Aqueduct’s two operated treatment plants – Dalecarlia and McMillian Water Treatment Plants. The water treatment plants serve over 1 million persons in the D.C and northern Virginia Area with potable water. Nova was selected to perform engineering services for the Dalecarlia and McMillan treatment plants and other Washington Aqueduct facilities under an Indefinite Delivery Contract (Small Business Set Aside). Nova will provide all services in accordance with project design.